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Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet offers guided bird watching toursThe Osa Peninsula is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.  With nearly 400 species of birds contributing to this biodiversity, the region is also one of Costa Rica's premiere bird watching destinations.  At Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet both the novice and professional alike will find the area habitat-par-excellence for antbirds, manakins, toucans, and other Neotropical families.  The Osa is also home to one of the largest populations of scarlet macaws in Central America.

Weather your vantage point is the balcony of Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet, margarita in hand, or a fern-lined stream bed in Corcovado, opportunities to spot the tropics most stunning birds abound.  At Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet, we encourage guests to witness, admire, and delight in these stunning tropical beauties.


To introduce you to your "neighbors," the chalet's library contains a copy of A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica, as well as recordings of over 184 species of bird songs, which you're welcome to play over the chalet's home entertainment system.  You will also find a collection of books and articles devoted to our prized avifauna.


Did you know...

  • With an area no larger than West Virginia, Costa Rica claims an avifauna of 850 species, more than all of North America.

  • There are 330 species of Hummingbirds, all restricted to the New World.  Most are tropical, with almost one-fifth found in Costa Rica alone. Only 16 species are known to migrate and breed in all of North America.

  • Hummingbird heart rates reach 1,260 beats per minute and some species beat their wings approximately 80 times per second.

  • While  hummingbirds are nectar feeding specialists, they also eat small insects and spiders, which represent their main source of protein and other nutrients.

  • The Rainforest Chalet has a resident long-tailed hermit hummingbird named "El Zorro."  Each day, El Zorro enters the chalet through an open window.  The masked-bird will spend several minutes inspecting the joyces and windows high above, removing any tiny insects or spiders that may have wondered in.  Not only the source of much entertainment, El Zorro maintains the chalet's 16-foot ceilings conspicuously free of cobwebs.

  • More than 200 species of migrant birds fly to Costa Rica each year.  While most come from North America, a few of the seabirds arrive from as far away as New Zealand, Antarctica, and Siberia.  These birds fly to Costa Rica to escape the harsh winters, making long, arduous journeys over land and sea.

  • On its way to Costa Rica, the ruby-throated hummingbird makes a nonstop 500-mile flight over the Gulf of Mexico.


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