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Birds of the Osa I

Birds I

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Large Sea Birds,  Large Waterbirds, Herons, Ducks


Kites, Hawks, Eagles, Falcons

Chachalacas, Guans, Quails

Marsh and Stream Birds, Swimming and Diving Birds, Shorebirds

Symbols and Abbreviations


Birds listed in red have been observed at Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet or within a ten-minute walking radius of the chalet. 







Great Tinamou  Pl. 12(6)  Tinamus major     Cp4a        ¯ 20 

Little Tinamou  Pl.12(17)  Crypturellus soui    Cp3b4d      ¯ 02

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Least Grebe  Pl. 7(4)  Tachybaptus dominicus (+)      Up1d 

WEDGE-TAILED SHEARWATER   Pl. 1(10)   Puffinus pacificus **   Xv1ab

RED-BILLED TROPICBIRD  Pl. 1(7)  Phaethon aethereus ***   Rv?1a 

BROWN PELICAN  Pl. 4(1)  Pelecanus occidentalis (***)º      Un1bc 

BLUE-FOOTED BOOBY  Pl.1(4)  Sula nebouxii*     Rv1ab            

RED-FOOTED BOOBY  Pl.1(2) Sula sula    Un1a 

MASKED BOOBY  Pl.1(3) S. dactylatra***     X1ab 

BROWN BOOBY  Pl.1(1)   S. leucogaster         Cb1ab 

OLIVACEOUS CORMORANT  Pl. 4(4)     Phalacrocorax  olivaceus +   Cp1bd 

ANHINGA  Pl. 4(3)   Anhinga anhinga (+)º       Up1de

MAGNIFICENT FRIGATEBIRD  Pl.1 – n.6  Fregata magnificensº     Cn1ab2

GREAT BLUE HERON  Pl.5(6)   Ardea herodias*+   Rv1d

GREEN-BACKED (GREEN) HERON  Pl.6(2)       Butorides virescens(*)  Cp1c-f

LITTLE BLUE HERON  Pl.5(9)  Egretta caerulei*+    Cn1b-d

REDDISH EGRET  Pl.5(7)  Egretta rufescens*   Rn1h

GREAT EGRET  Pl.5(14)  Casmerodius albus(*)+   Un1b-f

SNOWY EGRET  Pl.5(10)  Egretta thula*+     Rn1bdh 

CATTLE EGRET  Pl.5(13)  Bubulsus ibis(*)+    Cp?3ac 

TRICOLORED HERON  Pl.5(8)  Egretta  tricolor*+    Rn1fh 

CHESTNUT-BELLIED HERON  Pl. 5(1)  Agamia agami     Rp1g

YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON  Pl.5(3)  Nyctanassa violacea(*)    Cp?1cd 

BARE-THROATED TIGER-HERON  Pl.5(16)  Tigrisoma mexicanum   Up1c-f 

LEAST BITTERN  Pl.6(3)  Ixobrychus exilis(*)+    Rn?1f 

BOAT-BILLED HERON  Pl.5(2)  Cochlearius cochlearius(*)    Rvde 

WOOD STORK  Pl.4(6)  Mycteria americana+º    Rvde 

WHITE IBIS  Pl.4(8)  Eudocimus albus+    Unbch 

ROSEATE SPOONBILL  Pl.4(7)  Ajaia  ajaja+    Unb-d 

MUSCOVY DUCK  Pl.8(10)  Cairina moschata +     Rp1cd 

BLUE-WINGED TEAL  Pl.8(5)  Anas discors*+    Un1ef 

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KING VULTURE  Pl.13(5)   Sarcoramphus papa    Cp2 

BLACK VULTURE  Pl.13(4) Coragyps atratusº    Ap2 

LESSER YELLOW-HEADED VULTURE  Pl.13(2)  Cathartes burrovianus+    Ov1f 

TURKEY VULTURE  Pl.13(3)  C. aura(*)º     Ap2 

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BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE  (White-tailed Kite)  Pl.15(1)  Elanus caeruleus    Cp3ac 

AMERICAN SWALLOW-TAILED KITE  Pl.15(2)  Elanoides forficatus**º     Ub2 

GRAY-HEADED KITE  Pl.17(3)  Leptodon cayanensis     Up4bc 

DOUBLE-TOOTHED KITE  Pl.16(1)  Harpagus bidentauts    Up4bc 

PLUMBEOUS KITE  Pl.15(4)   Ictinia plumbea**  Rv2 

SNAIL KITE  Pl.15(6)  Rostrhamuc cosiabilis+    Ov1ef 

BICOLORED HAWK  Pl.16(8)  Accipiter bicolor    Rp4a 

TINY HAWK  Pl.16(2)  A.  superciliosus     Rp4ad 

ZONE-TAILED HAWK  Pl.13(1)  Buteo albonotatus    Rp4c 

SWAINSON’S HAWK  Pl.14(3)  B. swainsoni*    Ut2 

BROAD-WINGED HAWK  Pl.16(13)  B. platypterus*    C5n2,4cd 

ROADSIDE HAWK   Pl.16(12)  B. magnirostris    Cp3ab   ¯ 64

SHORT-TAILED HAWK  Pl.16(11)  B. brachyurus(*)    Rt2 

GRAY HAWK  Pl.16(14)  B. nitidus    Up4c 

WHITE HAWK  Pl.17(2)  Leucopternis albicollis     Cp24b 

BLACK-COLLARED HAWK   Pl.17(5)  Busarellus nigricollis    Up1d 

COMMON BLACK-HAWK  Pl.13(6)  Buteogallus anthracinus   Ap1bc 

GREAT BLACK HAWK  Pl.13(7)  B. urubitinga     Up4bc

SOLITARY EAGLE  Pl.13(8)  Harpyhaliaetus solotarius   Rp24b 

HARPY EAGLE  Pl.17(9)  Harpia harpyja    Rp24b 

CRESTED EAGLE  P        L.17(10)  Morphnus guianensis    Rp24bd 

BLACK-AND-WHITE HAWK-EAGLE  Pl.17(13)  Spizastur melanoleucus   Rp24b 

ORNATE HAWK-EAGLE  Pl.17(11)  Spizaetus ornatus    Rp24b

BLACK HAWK-EAGLE  PL.17(12)  S. tyrannus    Up24b 

CRANE HAWK  Pl.14(4)  Geranospiza  caerulescens     Rp4abc 

OSPREY  Pl.17(14)  Pandion haliaetus    Cn1b-e  

LAUGHING FALCON  Pl.15(8)  Herpetotheres cachinnans    Cp4bc    ¯ 03

COLLARED FOREST-FALCON  Pl.16(7)  Micrastur semitorquatus  Up4ab     ¯ 03

BARRED FOREST-FALCON  Pl.16(5)  M. ruficollis    Up4abd  ¯ 20

RED-THROATED CARACARA  Pl.14(11)  Daptrius americanus  Up4bc 

YELLOW-HEADED CARACARA  Pl.15(9)  Milvago chimacchima  Up4cd 

CRESTED CARACARA  Pl.14(12)  Polyborus plancus    Up4c 

PEREGRINE FALCON  Pl.15(5)    Falco peregrinus*   Ot1b 

BAT FALCON  Pl.15(14)  F.  rufigularis   Cp4ce 

AMERICAN KESTREL  Pl.15(13)  F.  sparverius*    On3a  

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GREAT CURASSOW  Pl.12(3)  Crax rubra    Up4ab 

CRESTED GUAN  Pl.13(4)  Penelope purpurascens   Up4bc    ¯

GREY-HEADED CHACHALACA  Pl.12(1)  Ortalis cinereiceps  Rp?4d 

MARBLED WOOD-QUAIL  Pl.12(9)  Odontophorus gujanensis   Up4a      ¯44

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LIMPKIN  Pl.5(5)  Aramus guarauna (+)    Ov1df 

UNIFORM CRAKE  Pl.6(8)  Amaurolimnas concolor  Rp1g4d 

GRAY-NECKED WOOD-RAIL  Pl.6(13)  Aramides cajanea    Up1cg    ¯19

WHITE-THROATED CRAKE  Pl.6(9)  Laterallus albigularis    Ap1f3b    ¯01

GRAY-BREASTED CRAKE  Pl.6(6)  Laterallus exilis    Up1f 

PURPLE GALLINULE  Pl.6(15)  Porphyrula  martinica    Up1df 

SUNGREBE  Pl.7(9)  Heliornis fulica    Cp1d 

NORTHERN JACANA  Pl.6(18)  Jacana spinosa(+)    Cp1df 

AMERICAN OYSTERCATCHER  Pl.9(9)   Haematopus palliatus (*)   Up?1b 

BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER   Pl.9(1)  Pluvialis squatarola *    Un1bh 

SEMIPALMATED PLOVER   Pl.10(5)  Charadrius semipalmatus*      Cn1bh 

COLLARED PLOVER  Pl.10(3)  C. collaris+    Up?1b 

WILSON’S PLOVER  Pl.10(2)  C. wilsonia(**)(+)    Cn1bh 

WHIMBREL  Pl.9(14) Numenius phaeopus*    Cn1bch 

MARBLED GODWIT  Pl.9(8)  Limosa fedoa *    Ot1h 

LESSER YELLOWLEGS  Pl.11(3)  Tringa flavipes*    Rn1d  

GREATER YELLOWLEGS  Pl.11(2)  T. melanoleuca*    Un1d 

SOLITARY SANDPIPER  Pl.11(4)  T. solitaria*(+)    Un1d-f 

SPOTTED SANDPIPER  Pl.11(8)  Actitis macularia*    An1b-f 

WILLET  Pl.9(6)  Catoptrophorus semipalmatus*    C1bch 

WANDERING TATTLER  Pl.10(8)  Heteroscelus incanus *    Ct1b 

SURFBIRD  Pl.10(7)  Aphriza virgata *    Rt1b

RUDDY TURNSTONE  Pl.10(6)  Arenaria interpres*    Un1bh  

SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER  Pl.9(3)  Limnodromus griseus*     Rn1bh 

RED KNOT  Pl.11(19)  Calidris canutus*    Rt1bh 

SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER  Pl.11(13)  C. pusilla*    Un1b 

WESTERN SANDPIPER  Pl.11(12)  C. mauri*    Cn1bh 

LEAST SANDPIPER  Pl.11(14)  C. minutilla *    Un1bh 

PECTORAL SANDPIPER  Pl.11(7)  C. melanotos  *+    Rt1f 

SANDERLING  Pl.11(11)  C. alpina*    Xv1h 

STILT SANDPIPER  Pl.11(6)  Calidris himantopus*    Rt1ef 

BLACK-NECKED STILT  Pl.9(12)  Himantopus mexicanus (*)(+)      Rv1fh

RED-NECKED PHALAROPE  Pl.10(10)  Phalaropus lobatus*    Rt1a 

POMARINE JAEGER  Pl.3(13)  Stercorarius pomarinus*    Ot1a 

LAUGHING GULL  Pl.3(8)  Larus atricilla*    Cn1b 

FRANKLIN’S GULL  Pl.3(5)  L. pipixcan *    Ct1b2 

BONAPARTE’S GULL  Pl.3(6)  L. Philadelphia*    Xv1b 

BLACK TERN  Pl.2(6)  Chlidonias niger*    Un1ab 

GULL-BILLED TERN  Pl.2(1)  Sterna nilotica    Rv1b 

BRIDLE TERN  Pl.2(2)  S. anaethetus***    Rt1ab 

COMMON TERN  Pl.2(5)  Sterna hirundo*    Utn1b 

SOOTY TERN  Pl.2(3)  S. fuscata***    Xv1a 

LEAST TERN  Pl.2(4)  S. antillarum*    Rt1b 

ROYAL TERN  Pl.3(2)  S. maxima    Uv1b

ELEGANT TERN  Pl.3(3)  S. elegans*    Ov1b

SANDWICH TERN  Pl.3(4)  Thalasseus sandvicensis    Uv1b 

BROWN NODDY  Pl.2(10)  Anous stolidus*    Rtn1ab 

BLACK SKIMMER  Pl.3(11)  Rynchops niger*,***    Xtv1b 

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Symbols and Abbreviations

*         Long-distance migrant; breeds north of Costa Rica (usually in North America)

**        Long-distance intratropical migrant: breeds in Central America, winters farther south

***      Long-distance migrant breeding south of Costa Rica (chiefly certain marine species)

+         Migrations or pronounced seasonal movements within Costa Rica

º           Individuals forage daily over a very wide range

( )        Part of the population is relatively sedentary, part is migratory


A   Abundant; many can be recorded daily

C   Common; one or a few are recorded daily

U   Uncommon; one or a few seen at frequent intervals, usually not daily

R    Rare; seen regularly at longer intervals, in small numbers

O   Occasional; seen sporadically; usually at long intervals, in small numbers (but also applies to occasional flock “invasions”


P  permanent resident

n   nonbreeding resident

b   breeding resident

v   visitant

t    transient migrant

?   status uncertain


1   Aquatic

a   offshore marine

b   shoreline

c   mangroves

d   large streams, rivers

e   ponds, lakes, lagoons

f    marshes

g    forest streams and swamps

h    mud flats and Salinas

2   Aerial

3  Open habitats or heavily altered habitats

a   savanna, grassland, pastures

b   young second growth or low scrub

c   agricultural land

d   human habitations, urban and suburban, around buildings, etc.

e    paramo (Cerro de la Muerte)

4  Wooded habitats

a    forest interior

b    forest canopy

c    forest edge, including light gaps

d    old second growth

e    tree plantations (cacao, pejibaye,etc.); tree lined gardens-          

f    riverine or gallery forest; tall riparian vegetation

These abbreviations are always given in the following sequence:  Abundance, Status, and Habitat.


Trogon bairdi   Cp4b-e:  common permanent resident in wooded habitats, including the canopy, forest edge, old second growth, and tree plantations.

Following the common name of each bird are the plate identification numbers from  A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica by Gary Stiles, Alexander F. Skutch, and Dana Gardner (Cornell University Press 1989).

The symbol  ¯  indicates the recording track number from the Costa Rica Bird Song Sampler by David L. Ross, Jr.  (Library of Natural Sounds, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1998) http://birds.cornell.edu


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