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Birds of the Osa III

Birds I

Birds II

Birds III

Manakins, Becards, Tityras, Mourners  

Flycatchers, Elaenias, Tyrannulets

Swallows, Wrens, Thrushes

Gnatcatchers, Vireos, Honeycreepers, Bananaquit


Icterids and Euphonias


Grosbeaks, Buntings, Finches, Seedeaters


Symbols and Abbreviations

Birds listed in red have been observed at Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet or within a ten-minute walking radius of the chalet. 




BLUE-CROWNED MANAKIN  Pl.33(7)  Pipra coronata    Ap4acd     ¯ 49

RED-CAPPED MANAKIN  Pl.33(6) P. mentalis    Cp4acd 

WHITE-RUFFED MANAKIN  Pl.33(9)  Corapipo leucorrhoa+    Up4ac 

ORANGE-COLLARED MANAKIN  Pl.33(2)  Manacus aurantiacus    Up4cd     ¯ 49

THRUSHLIKE MANAKIN  Pl.33(10)  Schiffornis turdinus    Cp4a      ¯ 27

TURQUOISE COTINGA  Pl.34(5)  Cotinga ridgwayiº    Up4bc 

YELLOW-BILLED COTINGA  Pl. 34(3)  Carpodectes antoniaeº+    Up1c4bc 

BRIGHT-RUMPED ATTILA  Pl.35(6)  Attila spadiceus    Ap4b-e   ¯ 11

RUFOUS MOURNER  Pl.34(9)  Rhytipterna holerythra    Cp4bce      ¯ 27

RUFOUS PIHA  Pl.34(10)  Lipaugus unirufus    Ap4bc        ¯ 28

CINNAMON BECARD  Pl.33(11)  Pachyramphus cinnamomeus    Cp1c 

ROSE THROATED BECARD  Pl.33(12)  P. aglaiae  R?4abf 

WHITE-WINGED BECARD  Pl.33(13)  P. polychopterus    Cp4de   ¯ 10

MASKED TITYRA  Pl.34(1)  Tityra semifasciata    Cp4b-e     ¯ 11

BLACK-CROWNED TITYRA  Pl.34(2)  T. inquisitor    Up4b-e 

THREE-WATTLED BELLBIRD  Pl.34(12)  Procnias tricarunculata+  Rn4abd 

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EASTERN KINGBIRD  Pl.35(3)  Tyrannus tyrannus*    Ct4b-e 

TROPICAL KINGBIRD  Pl.35(1)  T. melancholicus    Cp34e 

BRIGHT-RUMPED ATTILA  Pl.35(6)  Attila spadiceus    Cp4abc  ¯ 11            

PIRATIC FLYCATCHER  Pl.35(8)  Legatus leucophaius    Cb3a4ce 

SULPHUR-BELLIED FLYCATCHER  Pl.35(10)  Myiodynastes luteiventris**    Ut4ce 

STREAKED FLYCATCHER  Pl.35(11)  M. maculates(**)    Up?4bce 

BOAT-BILLED FLYCATCHER  Pl.35(12)  Megarhynchus pitangua    Ap4b-e  ¯ 12

SOCIAL FLYCATCHER  Pl.35(14)  Myiozetetes similes    Ap1bc3b  ¯ 13    

GRAY-CAPPED FLYCATCHER  Pl.35(15)  M. granadensis    Ap3b4cd 

GREAT KISKADEE  Pl.35(13)  Pitangus sulphuratus    Rp?1b3a  ¯ 12

GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER  Pl.35(17)  Myiarchus crinitus*    Cn4b-e 

PANAMA FLYCATCHER  Pl.35(20)  M. panamensis    Cp1c 

DUSKY-CAPPED FLYCATCHER  Pl.35(21)  M. tuberculifer    Cp4b-e  ¯ 13

OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER  Pl.36(4)  Contopus borealis    Ut3a4c 

EASTERN WOOD-PEWEE  Pl.36(8)  C. virens*    Ct3a4bc 

WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE  Pl.36(7)  C. sordidulus(*)+    Rt4bc 

TROPICAL PEWEE  Pl.36(9)  C. cinereus    Up3ab 

YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER  Pl.36(20)  Epidonax flaviventris*    Cn4acd 

WILLOW FLYCATCHER  Pl.36(14)  E. traillii*    Rt3b 

ALDER FLYCATCHER  Pl.36(14)  E. alnorum*    Ct3b4c 

LEAST FLYCATCHER  Pl.36(15)  E. minimus*    Rt4cd 

RUDDY-TAILED FLYCATCHER  Pl.36(23)  Terenotriccus erythrurus    Cp4acd 

SULPHUR-RUMPED FLYCATCHER  Pl.36(21)  Myiobius sulphureipygius    Cp4acd  

BLACK-TAILED FLYCATCHER  Pl.36(22)  M. atricaudus    Up3b 

GOLDEN-CROWNED SPADEBILL  Pl.37(3)  Platyrinchus coronatus    Cp4a 

YELLOW-OLIVE FLYCATCHER  Pl.37(16)  Tolmommyias sulphurescens    Cp4cd ¯ 14

EYE-RINGED FLATBILL  Pl.37(23)  Rhynchocyclus brevirostris  Up4acd 

COMMON TODY-FLYCATCHER  Pl.37(7)  Todirostrum cinereum    Cp3b4d 

SLATE-HEADED TODY FLYCATCHER  Pl.37(9)  T. Sylvia    Up3b 

NORTHERN BENTBILL  Pl.37(6)  Oncostoma cinereigulare  Cp4cd 

SCALE-CRESTED PYGMY-TYRANT  Pl.37(4)  Lophotriccus pileatus    Cp4ac 

YELLOW TYRANNULET  Pl.37(11)  Capsiempis flaveola    Cp3b 

YELLOW-BELLIED ELAENIA  Pl.37(26)  Elaenia flavogaster    Cp3ab  ¯ 15

LESSER ELAENIA  Pl.37(25)  E. chiriquensis+    Up3b 

GREENISH ELAENIA  Pl.37(21)  Myiopagis viridicata    Rp?1c4c 

SCRUB FLYCATCHER  Pl.37(22)  Sublegatus modestus    Rp?1c 

SOUTHERN BEARDLESS-TYRANNULET  Pl.37(20)  Camptostoma obsoletum 

MISTLETOE TYRANNULET  Pl.37(10)  Zimmerius vilissimus(+)    Cp4b-e 

YELLOW-BELLIED TYRANNULET  Pl.37(14)  Ornithion semiflavum    Cp4bcd 

OCHRE-BELLIED FLYCATCHER  Pl.36(25)  Mionectes oleaginous    Ap4acde  ¯ 28

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GRAY-BREASTED MARTIN  Pl.22(15)  Progne chalybeaº    Cp3ab  

CLIFF SWALLOW Pl.22(13)  Hirundo pyrrhonota*    Ct3a2 

BARN SWALLOW Pl.22(12)  H. rustica*    Cn3a 

SOUTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW  Pl.22(19)  Stelgidopteryx ruficollis    Cpn1d3ab 

BANK SWALLOW  Pl.22(17)  Riparia riparia*    Ut23a 

MANGROVE SWALLOW  Pl.22(23)  Tachycineta albilinea     Cp1def 

PLAIN WREN  Pl.38(17)  Thryothorus modestus    Ap3b  ¯ 15

RIVERSIDE WREN Pl.38(10)  T. semibadius    Ap1d4cd ¯ 50

BLACK-BELLIED WREN  Pl.38(11)  T.fasciatoventris    Cp4d  ¯ 50

HOUSE WREN  Pl.38(18)  Troglodytes aedon    Cp3d 

WHISTLING WREN  Pl.38(20)  Microcerculus luscinia    Cp4ad  ¯ 51

CLAY-COLORED ROBIN  Pl.39(8)  Turdus grayi    Cp3a-d  ¯ 16

WOOD THRUSH  Pl.39(4)  Hylocichla mustelina*    Un4acd 

SWAINSON’S THRUSH  Pl.39(2)  Catharus usulatus*    Ct3b4de

WHITE-THROATED ROBIN  Pl.39(9)  Turdus assimilis    Up4cd  ¯ 83

BROWN JAY  Pl.39(19)  Cyanocorax morio    Up3b4cde 

GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH  Pl.39(1)  C. minimus*    Ut3b4d 

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TROPICAL GNATCATCHER  Pl.41(2)  Polioptila plumbea  Cp4bce 

LONG-BILLED GNATWREN  Pl.32(15)  Ramphocaenus melanurus    Cp4cd  ¯ 26

GREEN SHRIKE-VIREO  Pl.40(1)  Vireolanius pulchellus    Ap4bce 

YELLOW-THROATED VIREO  Pl.40(6)  Vireo flavifrons*    Cn4b-e 

RED-EYED VIREO  Pl.40(3)  V. olivaceus*    Ut4b-e 

YELLOW-GREEN VIREO  Pl.40(5)  V. flavoviridis**    Utb?4cd 

PHILADELPHIA VIREO  Pl.40(15)  V. philadelphicus*    Cn4c-e 

SCRUB GREENLET  Pl.40(8)  Hylophilus flavipes    Up3ab 

TAWNY-CROWNED GREENLET  Pl.32(4)  H. ochraceiceps    Cp4a 

LESSER GREENLET  Pl.40(7)  H. decurtatus    Ap4b-e 

GREEN HONEYCREEPER  Pl.46(7)  Chlorophanes spiza    Up4bcd 

RED-LEGGED HONEYCREEPER  Pl.46(2)  Cyanerpes cyaneus    Cp4bcd 

SHINING HONEYCREEPER  Pl.46(1)  C. lucidus    Ap4bce 

BLUE DACNIS  Pl.46(3)  Dacnis cayana    Cp4bce 

SCARLET- THIGHED DACNIS  Pl.46(4)  D. venusta+    Up4bc 

BANANAQUIT  Pl.40(24)  Coereba flaveola    Ap3b4b-e 

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BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER  Pl.41(13)  Mniotilta  varia*    Un4c-e 

PROTHONOTARY WARBLER  Pl.42(1)  Protonotaria citrea*    Cn1c3b 

WORM-EATING WARBLER  Pl.40(21)  Helmitheros vermivorus*    On4d 

GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER Pl.41(5)  Vermivora chrysoptera*    Un4cde 

TENNESSEE WARBLER  Pl.40(22)  Vermivora peregrine*    An3b4c-e 

YELLOW WARBLER  Pl.42(2)  Dendroica petechia*    Cn3ab 

MANGROVE WARBLER  Pl.42(3)  D. p. erithachorides  Ap1c 

MAGNOLIA WARBLER  Pl.43(10)  D. magnolia*  Rn4cd 

YELLOW-RUMPED (MYRTLE) WARBLER  Pl.43(11)  D. coronata*    Rn4d3b 

BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER  Pl.41(8)  D. fusca*    Ut4bce 

CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER  Pl.43(4)  D. pennsylvanica*    An4b-e 

BAY-BREASTED WARBLER  Pl.41(9)  D. castanea*    Un4b-e 

OVENBIRD  Pl.43(12)  Seiurus aurocapillus*     Cn4cd 

NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH  Pl.43(14)  S. noveboracensis*    Cn1b-e 

LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH  Pl.43(13)  S. motacilla*    Rt1g 

KENTUCKY  WARBLER  Pl.42(15) Oporornis formosus*     Cn4acd 

MacGILLIVRAY’S WARBLER  Pl.42(16)  O. tolmiei*    Rn3b 

MOURNING WARBLER  Pl.42(14)  O. philadelphia*    Cn3b 

GRAY-CROWNED YELLOWTHROAT  Pl.42(13)  Geothlypis  poliocephala    Cp3ab  ¯ 17

YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT  Pl.42(9)  Icteria virens*    Rn3b4d 

WILSON’S WARBLER  Pl.42(4)  Wilsonia pusilla*    Ut4cde 

CANADA WARBLER  Pl.42(8)  W. Canadensis*    Ct4acde 

AMERICAN REDSTART Pl.41(10)  Setophaga ruticilla*    Utn?4bce 

BUFF-RUMPED WARBLER  Pl.40(23)  Phaeothlypis fulvicauda    Cp1dg  ¯ 29

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CHESTNUT-HEADED OROPENDOLA  Pl.44(9)  Psarocolius wagleri    Rp4b-e  ¯ 42

SCARLET-RUMPED CACIQUE  Pl.44(11)  Cacicus uropygialis    Ap4b-e  ¯ 30

YELLOW-BILLED CACIQUE  Pl.44(12)  Amblycercus holosericeus    Cp4d 

GIANT COWBIRD  Pl.44(10)  Scaphidura oryzivora    Up3b4cd 

BRONZED COWBIRD  Pl.44(15)  Molothrus aeneus    Cp3a 

GREAT-TAILED GRACKLE  Pl.44(16)  Quiscalus mexicanus    Cp1c3d 

ORCHARD ORIOLE  Pl.44(6)  Icterus spurious    Un3b4d 

NORTHERN (BALTIMORE) ORIOLE  Pl.44(7)  I. galbula*  Cn3b4cd 

WHITE-VENTED EUPHONIA  Pl.45(7)  Euphonia minuta    Cp4bce 

YELLOW-CROWNED EUPHONIA  Pl.45(1)  E. luteicapilla    Cp4e 

THICK-BILLED EUPHONIA  Pl.45(8)  E. laniirostris    Up4cde 

SPOTTED-CROWNED EUPHONIA  Pl.45(2)  E. imitans    Cp4bcde  ¯

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SILVER-THROATED TANAGER  Pl.46(6)  Tangara icterocephala(+)    Up4bce  ¯ 62

GOLDEN-HOODED TANAGER  Pl.46(13)  T. larvata    Cp3b4d 

BAY-HEADED TANAGER  Pl.46(9)  T. gyrola(+)    Cp4bce 

BLUE-GRAY TANAGER  Pl.46(15)  Thraupis episcopus    Cp3bd 

PALM TANAGER  Pl.45(19)  T. palmarum     Cp3b4cd 

SCARLET-RUMPED TANAGER  Pl.47(4) Ramphocelus passerinii    Ap3b4d 

SUMMER TANAGER  Pl.47(5)  Piranga rubra*    Cn4b-e 

HEPATIC TANAGER  Pl.47(6)  P. flava(+)    Cp4bc 

SCARLET TANAGER  Pl.47(8)  P. olivacea*    Ut4bce 

RED-CROWNED ANT TANAGER  Pl.47(10)  Habia rubica    Xv4a 

BLACK-CHEEKED ANT-TANAGER  Pl.47(11)  H. atrimaxillaris    Cp4ac 

WHITE-THROATED SHRIKE-TANAGER  Pl.47(1) Lanio leucothorax    Cp4b ¯ 52

WHITE-SHOULDERED TANAGER  Pl.46(18)  Tachyphonus luctuosus    Cp4bce 

WHITE-LINED TANAGER  Pl.46(16)  T. rufus    Cn3b 

GRAY-HEADED TANAGER  Pl.45(17)  Eucometis penicillata    Cp4acd 

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BUFF-THROATED SALTATOR  Pl.48(2)  Saltator maximus    Ap3b4d  ¯ 17

STREAKED SALTATOR  Pl.48(4)  S.albicollis    Up3b4a 

ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK  Pl.48(8)  Pheucticus ludovicianus*    Un4c-e 

BLUE-BLACK GROSBEAK  Pl.48(10)  Cyanocompsa cyanoides    Ap4bcd  ¯ 30

DICKCISSEL  Pl.50(19)  Spiza americana*     At3ab 

SLATE-COLORED SEEDEATER  Pl.49(5)  Sporophila schistacea    Ov3b 

WHITE-COLLARED SEEDEATER  Pl.49(2)  S. torqueola    Up3b 

VARIABLE SEEDEATER  Pl.49(3)  S. aurita      Ap3abc4d 

YELLOW-BELLIED SEEDEATER  Pl.49(4)  S. nigricollis+    Cp?3ab 

THICK-BILLED SEED-FINCH  Pl.49(10)  Oryzoborus funereus    Cp3ab 

BLUE-BLACK  GRASSQUIT  Pl.49(7)  Volatinia jacarina     Cp3ab 

ORANGE-BILLED SPARROW Pl.48(17) Arremon aurantiirostris    Cp4acd

BLACK-STRIPED SPARROW  Pl.50(14)  Arremonops conirostris Ap3ab ¯18

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Symbols and Abbreviations

*         Long-distance migrant; breeds north of Costa Rica (usually in North America)

**        Long-distance intratropical migrant: breeds in Central America, winters farther south

***      Long-distance migrant breeding south of Costa Rica (chiefly certain marine species)

+         Migrations or pronounced seasonal movements within Costa Rica

º           Individuals forage daily over a very wide range

( )        Part of the population is relatively sedentary, part is migratory


A   Abundant; many can be recorded daily

C   Common; one or a few are recorded daily

U   Uncommon; one or a few seen at frequent intervals, usually not daily

R    Rare; seen regularly at longer intervals, in small numbers

O   Occasional; seen sporadically; usually at long intervals, in small numbers (but also applies to occasional flock “invasions”


P  permanent resident

n   nonbreeding resident

b   breeding resident

v   visitant

t    transient migrant

?   status uncertain


1   Aquatic

a   offshore marine

b   shoreline

c   mangroves

d   large streams, rivers

e   ponds, lakes, lagoons

f    marshes

g    forest streams and swamps

h    mud flats and Salinas

2   Aerial

3  Open habitats or heavily altered habitats

a   savanna, grassland, pastures

b   young second growth or low scrub

c   agricultural land

d   human habitations, urban and suburban, around buildings, etc.

e    paramo (Cerro de la Muerte)

4  Wooded habitats

a    forest interior

b    forest canopy

c    forest edge, including light gaps

d    old second growth

e    tree plantations (cacao, pejibaye,etc.); tree lined gardens-          

f    riverine or gallery forest; tall riparian vegetation

These abbreviations are always given in the following sequence:  Abundance, Status, and Habitat.


Trogon bairdi   Cp4b-e:  common permanent resident in wooded habitats, including the canopy, forest edge, old second growth, and tree plantations.


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