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The Canopy Tour

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet Filled with aerial gardens and the millions of creatures reliant on them, the rainforest canopy is the planet's last great ecological frontier.  It is another continent of life, where hundreds of species - earthworms, frogs, beetles, and orchids - never descend to the earth.  According to biologist, eight out of ten canopy species remain unnamed and unclassified by science.

Now in Drake Bay, utilizing technology once available to only a small vanguard of scientists, guests of Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet can enter this biological wonderland on The Canopy Tour.  With a vantage point even Tarzan would envy, you might even find yourself eye to eye with a three-toed sloth.

The Canopy Tour, operated by Jinetes de Osa, is designed with six platforms, four traverse cables, and a 65 foot observation bridge.   On one of the traverse cables, participants fly through the forest for a distance of 210 adrenaline-filled feet.  No less spectacular, the descent to the forest floor is achieved by rappelling to the edge of a tranquil tropical stream.

Guests of Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet can also Combine an afternoon of horseback riding with the Canopy Tour or a guided hike to the Agujitas Waterfall.


After exploring the canopy firsthand, you can turn to Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet for a closer look at canopy exploration.  Our library contains books and articles devoted to canopy exploration, from passionate chronicles to photojournalistic overviews.

Did you know...

  • The rainforest canopy harbors more research subjects than any other realm or scientific field.

  • It is believed that as few as ten percent of the species of insects and invertebrate animals have been discovered and given scientific names.

  • 70% of the three thousand plants identified by the U.S. National Cancer Institute as having anti-cancer properties are rain forest species.  The rosy periwinkle, to name one, produces a substance used to counteract leukemia in children.  Thanks to this flower, a child with acute lymphocytic leukemia now has a 99% chance of remission compared to 20% before the drug was discovered.  India now produces most of the periwinkle used medicinally.  It takes 15 tons of periwinkle leaves to produce one ounce of vincristine, the anti-tumor agent of the periwinkle.  Vincristine sells for $100,00 a pound.

  • The roar of howler monkeys can be heard from 1 to 5 km away, depending on the terrain. The calls are often given at sunrise and sunset as well as in response to people, airplanes, and thunder.  It is believed the vocalizations not only allow members of the same troop to communicate but are also territorial signals.  Two troops can come to a mutual agreement about rain forest real estate without ever coming in contact


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