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The Chalet Tour

Imagine if you will, walking a  forest-lined trail in southern Costa Rica...

Here and there you come across curious looking cycads, palm-like plants so ecologically ancient - Dinosaurs once fed upon them.  Suddenly, echoing through the forest like the roar of an enraged jaguar, the wild call of howler monkeys draw your attention skyward.  As you marvel the treetop clan of eight, the troop defiantly moves out of sight.  Following suit, you continue on through pockets of palms and tree ferns.  Just 10 minutes from the beach, where you began your journey, you are greeted by the brilliant red blaze of torch gingers.  These stunning tropical flowers mark your arrival at Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet.

Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet, Drake Bay Costa Rica

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Backed by a 45-acre private reserve, Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet is off the beaten path and opportunities abound to observe the tropics most spectacular creatures .  The design of the chalet stands as a testament to the owner's penchant for nature observation.  With an open floor plan and a sixty foot expanse of six-foot tall hand crafted French windows - the chalet affords nearly 360 panoramic views of the surrounding garden and forest.  The beautifully detailed windows invite nature to become part of the chalet's charming ambiance.

Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet - the balcony offers picturesque views of the rainforest and tropical garden

Interestingly, transporting 208 panes of glass to the chalet's remote location proved to be a delicate adventure.  The journey culminated with a canoe trip up the Agujitas jungle river.  Every piece made the journey intact and it was well worth the effort.  As the morning sun rises over the mist-covered rainforest, you can begin the day with armchair bird watching and a superb cup of Costa Rican coffee.

Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet - Drake Bay, Costa Rica  The Chalet KitchenWhen it comes time to prepare a savory meal. you'll find the Rainforest Chalet's kitchen stocked with  a variety of foods and healthy snacks.  A chef's delight, the design is both practical and exotic.  Inspired by a remarkable journey through Morocco, the kitchen features imported Spanish mosaic tile, stained-glass accents, and custom hardwood cabinetry.  Adding a bit of whimsy to the decor are decorative brass drawer pulls fashioned into dragonflies, frogs, and turtles.  The mahogany and mosaic peninsula, complete with bar sink, provide the perfect area for both cooking and entertaining.  Adding to the luxuriance, the peninsula evolves into a lavishly tiled planter filled with antheriums, bromeliads, heliconia, and other striking tropical flowers.

The living area of Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet establishes a cozy and inviting ambiance. Fabrics in gold and deep green accentuate the mahogany walls and floors while the natural fibers of rattan and wicker furniture imbue the chalet's warm and casual tone.

Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet - Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet - Drake Bay, Costa Rica

After a day of world-class scuba diving or rainforest exploration you can even stretch out in the indoor Peruvian hammock and, if the mood strikes, commemorate the adventure with an aromatic drink of Jamaican rum.

After the sun goes down, Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet takes on a magical mood.  Soft lighting and the glow of candles on mahogany give the chalet a very romantic feel.  To complement the aura, the home entertainment system offers a tremendous variety of digital music via satellite TV.  Truly, it has to be said; this jungle retreat is a romantic getaway like no other.

Opulence in the tropics - the Rainforest Chalet bath can only be described with superlatives.  Two tones of imported Italian tile and designer fixtures convey a feeling of comfortable luxury.  The expansive separate shower, set with glass block, is large enough to eliminate the need for curtains or glass enclosures.  Positioned just right of the sunken shower, an immense earthen jar filled with torch gingers and palms intensify the romantic Mediterranean flair.  Yet the bath's most striking feature is certainly the sunken doublewide Jacuzzi-style tub.  With a glass of wine and soft music radiating from beyond, a hot bubble bath is the perfect way to top off another day in paradise.

Imagine now, after your soothing bath, gazing up at the stars from the comfort of a king sized bed.  With dramatic windows reaching up to a 16-foot peak, bedside stargazing is yours to savor.  Romancing the Rainforest Chalet further, royal safari mosquito netting drapes over the bed.  More for old world charm than practical concern, the netting imparts pure tropical chic.  At Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet, you'll find dreams do come true.


Now that you've had a chance to explore the magic of Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet,  we invite you to discover the  awe-inspiring beauty and free-spirited adventure that await... just beyond the front door...

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