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According to National Geographic  the Peninsula de Osa is one of the most biologically intense places on the planet.

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We now invite you to explore the some of the fascinating creatures you'll encounter in Drake Bay...

Costa Rica is home to an astonishing variety of wildlife, like this charming  Masked Tree Frog.  Immerse yourself in the beauty of the rainforest at The Rainforest Chalet in Drake Bay.

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Pleasantly isolated on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Drake Bay lies on the northernmost point of the Osa Peninsula.  Claimed by many as one of the most beautiful regions in the world, the Osa Peninsula is where the Costa Rica of legend still exists. 

Spectacled Caimans are often seen on river banks in Drake Bay, Costa Rica. Although they are related to alligators, they pose no threat to humans.

Spectacled Caiman

With eighty per cent, or 430,000 acres of the Osa Peninsula protected by Corcovado National Park and private forest reserves, the region stands as one of the last great tracks of unspoiled primary rainforest in Central America.  To this day, Corcovado, along with the majority of the peninsula remains roadless.   This, along with government and grass-root protectionism, has shielded the region from development and over-domestication. 

Given its remote location just north of Corcovado, traveling to Drake Bay - while not difficult - is certainly more involved than other eco travel destinations.  With your extra effort, however, you will be rewarded with the lushest scenery, the richest biodiversity, and the most exotic vacation destination in all of Costa Rica.

Travel Options:

  Fly San Jose - Palmar Sur 

Air Transport to Palmar Sur:  The first leg of your travel itinerary begins with a morning flight to Palmar Sur.  This 40-minute flight offers spectacular vistas of the rainforest and southern Pacific coastline.

 Palmar Sur can also be reached by bus (6 hours) or car (five hours) from San Jose, if you prefer to travel overland. 

Taxi Transport to Sierpe:   After touching down in Palmar Sur, a taxi will be waiting to transport you to the sleepy riverside village of Sierpe.  On this  20-minute ride, you'll pass through a large expanse of banana and African oil palm plantations.

Boat Transport to Drake Bay:  

Drake Bay, Costa Rica -  The trip down the Sierpe River to The Rainforest Chalet takes about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Sierpe River

Once in Sierpe you'll begin the maritime leg of your journey - a 25 mile boat ride to Drake Bay.  This hour and fifteen minute ride will take you first through the Sierpe-Terraba Mangrove Reserve, the largest mangrove reserve in Costa Rica. 

With over 22,000 hectares of protected mangrove, the Sierpe-Terraba Mangrove Reserve is the largest mangrove reserve in Costa Rica.

Red Mangrove In The Sierpe -Terraba Mangrove Reserve

With a keen eye and the help of your captain, you may spot caimans, iguanas, and certainly a variety of water birds along the river's edge.  Then on the final twenty minutes of the trip, you'll pass through the mouth of the Sierpe River and onto the blue Pacific.  The passage is spectacular with stunning views of  Caño Island and the Osa Peninsula Coast.


  Fly San Jose -  Drake Bay 

While the adventure of traveling through the Sierpe-Terraba Mangrove Reserve is lost, flying directly to Drake Bay does  offer travelers a  faster route to the area.

Air Transport to Drake Bay:  This flight  also takes just less than an hour.  

Taxi Transport to Agujitas:   After touching down in Drake Bay, a taxi will be waiting to transport you to the  village of Agujitas.  The taxi ride takes about fifteen minutes.

Boat Transport to Cocalito Beach:    The next leg of your journey will be a quick boat ride from the village to Cocalito Beach.  As this is a beachside pick up, you'll definitely get your feet wet boarding the boat.  There's usually not much surf in the village. Even so, it's a  good idea to have your camera gear protected beforehand.   

Rainforest Hike to The Chalet:   As your captain pulls into Drake Bay, a Rainforest Chalet representative will be there to greet you and escort you to your tropical retreat.  Depending on your captain's point of entry, the hike back to the chalet is normally a  fifteen minute rainforest walk from our beach-side landing.  When local conditions necessitate, however, we pier-dock the boat.   From the pier, the chalet is a twenty-five minute rainforest walk away.   For your convenience, Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet will transport your luggage.

Heliconias and wild gingers breath color into the landscape in Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

Heliconia Patch at the Chalet Garden

  Airlines with service to Drake Bay and Palmar Sur 

Nature Air 

SANSA Airline  




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