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According to National Geographic  the Peninsula de Osa is one of the most biologically intense places on the planet.

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We now invite you to explore the some of the fascinating creatures you'll encounter in Drake Bay...

The Masked Tree Frog is a common inhabitant of Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

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Caño Island

Here the sun-kissed pacific surf splashes across your toes, mysteries of an ancient civilization romance your imagination, and fish of every form and color dazzle your soul.  This is Caño Island. 

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Dolphins play in the sun-kissed waters off Cano Island.

Dolphins on route to Cano Island

Located just 12 miles west of Drake Bay, Caño Island Biological Reserve is a rainforest, archeological, and marine sanctuary.  Believed to be the burial ground of the Diquis Indian's ruling elite, the island features pre- Columbian stone spheres whose purpose is still shrouded in mystery.  To peak one's curiosity further, the island inexplicably receives more lightning strikes than nearly any other place on earth.

Charged with mystery and the beat of ancient drums, Caño Island's interior is a tropical paradise you can explore at your own pace.   Trails climb through the forest to points of archeological interest as well as a spectacular outlook high above the pacific.  A professional naturalist guide will further enrich the experience, explaining much of the island's history and ecology.

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Cano Island is one of the country's archeological treasures.  It was used both as a cemetery and a permanent pre-Columbian settlement.

Cano Island

Caño's greatest appeal, however, can be found off terra firma - beneath the calm turquoise waters of the pacific.  Ranked as a world-class dive and snorkeling destination, Caño Island's marine reserve is nothing short of inspirational.  As you swim amongst a rainbow of tropical gems, including moorish idols, parrotfish, puffers, damsels, even Olive Ridley turtles -  you're sure to be moved by the beauty of this diverse ecosystem.  On the coral-lined underwater rock formations, sea urchins, brittle stars, eels, and perhaps an elusive octopus will captivate your imagination.

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - A newly hatched sea turtle makes its way to the ocean.

Newly Hatched Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

Caño Island's marine and rainforest reserve is a treasure to behold.   As you head back to Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet, somehow the pacific seems just a bit bluer and life a bit sweeter.  That is truly what paradise is all about. Follow this link for more information about Caño Island Biological Reserve.

Snorkeling at Cano Island


Did you know...

  • Most of the pottery found on Caño Island dates from A.D. 220 to 1550.


  • Indigenous artifacts have also been found at Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet.  While planting some of the garden's palms, the owner unearthed a pre-Columbian stone axe and several pieces of pottery.

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - On the Osa Peninsula, Olive Ridley Sea Turtles nest in January and February.   Females usually lay 100 eggs  twice each year.  After 50 days the newborns hatch and begin their  journey to the ocean.

Adult Olive Ridley Sea Turtle


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