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According to National Geographic  the Peninsula de Osa is one of the most biologically intense places on the planet.

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We now invite you to explore the some of the fascinating creatures you'll encounter in Drake Bay...

The Masked Tree Frog is a common inhabitant of Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

Birds of the Chalet
Birds of the Osa  I
Birds of the Osa II
Birds of the Osa III
Gallery of Birds



Scarlet Macaw

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Scarlet Macaw




Black-hooded Antshrike

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Black-hooded Antshrike




Chestnut-backed Antbird

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Chestnut-backed Antbird




Slaty-tailed Trogon

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Slaty-tailed Trogon




Rufous-tailed Jacamar

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Rufous-tailed Jacamar



White-crowned Parrot

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - White-crowned Parrot




Blue-crowned Motmot

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Blue-crowned Motmot




Crowned Woodnymph (Female)

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Crowned Woodnymph




White-necked Puffbird

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - White-necked Puffbirds




Black-throated Trogon (Female)

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Black-throated Trogon




Baird's Trogon (Female)

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Baird's Trogon




Crimson-fronted Parakeet

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Crimson-fronted Parakeet




Long-tailed Woodcreeper

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Long-tailed Woodcreeper



Birds of the Osa II


Beryl-crowned Hummingbird

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Beryl-crowned hummingbirds are found only in southwestern Costa Rica and adjacent western Panama.


Birds I

Birds II

Birds III

Pigeons and Doves



Owls, Nighthawks, Nightjars



Trogons, Kingfishers, Motmots, Jacamars, Toucans

Woodpeckers, Woodcreepers, Furnariids, Antwrens, Spinetails, Antbirds

Symbols and Abbreviations


Birds listed in green have been observed at Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet or within a ten-minute walking radius of the chalet. 




ROCK DOVE  Pl. NA  Columba flavirostris*    Ov?3a

PALE-VENTED PIGEON  Pl.18(3)  C. cayennensisº    Cp1c3a 

SHORT-BILLED PIGEON  Pl.18(5)  C. nigrirostris    Ap4b-e    ¯ 21 click here for photo

SCALED PIGEON  P        l.18(4)  C. speciosa    O?4bd 

RUDDY GROUND-DOVE  Pl.18(7)  Columbina talpacoti    Ap3abc 

BLUE GROUND-DOVE  Pl.18(6)  Claravis pretiosa    Cp3ab 

WHITE-TIPPED DOVE  Pl.18(14)  Leptotila verreauxi    Cp3b4d       ¯ 04 click here for photo

GRAY-CHESTED DOVE  Pl.18(16)  L. cassinii     A4c-e 

RUDDY QUAIL-DOVE  Pl.18(17)  Geotrygon montana   Up4a 

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SCARLET MACAW  Pl.19(1)  Ara macaoº    Ap4bc    ¯ 45 click here for photo

CRIMSON-FRONTED PARAKEET  Pl.19(10)  Aratinga finschi +º    Cp4cd  click here for photo

ORANGE-CHINNED PARAKEET  Pl.19(14)  Brotogeris jugularis    Cp3a4be 

BROWN-HOODED PARROT  Pl.19(9)  Pionopsitta haematotis    Cp4b-e 

WHITE-CROWNED PARROT  Pl.19(7)  Pionus senilisº    Ap4b-e  click here for photo

RED-LORED PARROT  Pl.19(4)  Amazona autumnalisº    Up 

YELLOW-NAPED PARROT  Pl.19(5)  A. auropalliataº    Xv3a 

MEALY PARROT  Pl.19(3)  A. farinosaº    Ap4bce      click here for photo     photo 2

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BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO  Pl.21(1)  Coccyzus erythropthalmus*    Rt3b 

YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO  Pl.21(2)  C. americanus*    Rt3b 

MANGROVE CUCKOO  Pl.21(4)  C. minor*?    Ub?1c3b 

STRIPED CUCK00  Pl.21(5)  Tapera naevia    Up3ab      ¯ 05

SQUIRREL CUCKOO  Pl.21(7)  Piaya cayana    Cp4b-e     ¯ 06 click here for photo

SMOOTH-BILLED ANI  Pl.21(8)  Crotophaga ani    Cp3ac

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COMMON BARN-OWL  Pl.20(9)  Tyto alba    Up3ac 

STRIPED OWL  Pl.20(2)  Asio clamator    Rp3abc4c 

CRESTED OWL  Pl.20(3)  Lophostrix cristata    Rp?4ad     ¯ 22

SPECTACLED OWL  Pl.10(8)  Pulsatrix perspicillata    Up4ace     ¯ 05

MOTTLED OWL  Pl.20(6)  Ciccaba virgata    Up4b-e     ¯ 04  click here for photo

GREAT POTOO  Pl.20(5)  Nyctibius grandis    U-Rp4b 

COMMON POTOO Pl.20(4)  N. griseus    Up4cd       ¯ 33  click here for photo

SHORT-TAILED NIGHTHAWK  Pl.21(14)  Lurocalis semitorquatus    Up3b4c 

LESSER NIGHTHAWK  Pl.21(12)  Chordeiles acutipennis(*)    Up?3ba 

COMMON NIGHTHAWK  Pl.21(13)  C. minor(*)    Rtv3a 

COMMON PAURAQUE  Pl.21(18)  Nyctidromus albicollis    Ap3ab   ¯ 06 click here for photo

CHUCK-WILL’S-WIDOW  Pl.21(16)  Caprimulgus carolinensis    Rn4bc 

WHITE-TAILED NIGHTJAR  Pl.21(20)  C. cayennensis     Xv?3a  

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WHITE-COLLARED SWIFT  Pl.22(1)  Streptoprocne zonaris      Up2 

CHIMNEY SWIFT  Pl.22(8)  Chaetura pelagica*    Rt2 

BAND-RUMPED SWIFT  Pl.22(11)  Chaetura spinicaudaº    Ap2 

BLACK SWIFT  Pl.22(2)  Cypseloides niger    Uv2 

LESSER SWALLOW-TAILED SWIFT  Pl.22(7)  Panyptila cayennensis     Cp2 

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BRONZY HERMIT  Pl.23(4)  Glaucis aenea    Cp3b  

BAND-TAILED BARBTHROAT  Pl.23(5)  Threnetes ruckeri    Cpracd click here for photo    photo 2

LONG-TAILED HERMIT  Pl.23(2)  Phaethornis superciliosus    Ap4acd  click here for photo

LITTLE HERMIT  Pl.23(1)  P. longuemareus    Ap4acd  click here for photo photo 2

WHITE-TIPPED SICKLEBILL  Pl.23(8)  Eutoxeres aquila    Up4ac 

SCALY-BREASTED HUMMINGBIRD  Pl.23(10)  Phaeochroa cuvierii    Cp1c 

GREEN-BREASTED MANGO  Pl.23(13)  Anthracothorax prevostii    Up3b4ce   click here for photo   

WHITE-NECKED JACOBIN  Pl.23(17)  Florisuga mellivora     Ap4a-e  click here for photo

VIOLET-HEADED HUMMINGBIRD  Pl.25(11)  Klais guimeti    Cp4a-d click here for photo

WHITE-CRESTED COQUETTE  Pl.25(5)  Lophornis adorabilis    Up1c3b4c 

FORK-TAILED EMERALD  Pl.24(13)  Chlorostilbon canivetii    Cp3b 

VIOLET-CROWNED WOODNYMPH  Pl.24(4)  Thalurania colombica(+)    Cp4a-e click here for photo    photo2    photo 3   photo 4   photo 5

BLUE-THROATED GOLDENTAIL  Pl.24(9)  Hylocharis eliciae    Up4bcd  click here for photo

WHITE-BELLIED EMERALD  Pl.24(1)  Amazilia candida    Xv? 

BERYL-CROWNED HUMMINGBIRD  Pl.24(18)  A. decora    Ap4cde click here for photo   photo 2    photo 3

MANGROVE HUMMINGBIRD  Pl.24(2)  A. boucardi    Cp1c 

RUFOUS-TAILED HUMMINGBIRD  Pl.24(10)  A. tzacatl    Ap3b  click here for photo

PURPLE-CROWNED FAIRY  Pl.23(14)  Heliothryx barroti    Up4bce click here for photo

LONG-BILLED STARTHROAT  Pl.23(18)  Heliomaster longirostris    Up4bce 

RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD  Pl.25(9)  Archilochus colubris*    Un3b

 BROWN VIOLET-EAR  Pl.23(6)    Colibri delphinae    Upbcd  click here for photo    photo 2

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SLATY-TAILED TROGON  Pl.26(2)  Trogon Massena    Cp4b-e     ¯ 22 click here for photo

BAIRD’S TROGON  Pl.26(6)  T. bairdi    Cp4b-e     ¯ 46 click here for photo     photo 2  photo 3

BLACK-THROATED TROGON  Pl.26(9)  T. rufus    Cp4acd     ¯ 23 click here for photo    photo 2

VIOLACEOUS TROGON  Pl.26(8) T. violaceus    Up4de       ¯ 07   click here for photo    photo 2

RINGED KINGFISHER  Pl.27(1)  Ceryle torquataº    Cp1bd 

BELTED KINGFISHER  Pl.27(2)  C. alcyonº    Un1bde 

AMAZON KINGFISHER  Pl.27(4)  Chloroceryle amazona    Up1d 

GREEN KINGFISHER  Pl.27(5)  C. americana    Cp1bde  click here for photo

AMERICAN PYGMY KINGFISHER  Pl.27(6)  C. aenea    Up1g 

BLUE-CROWNED MOTMOT Pl.27(8)  Momotus momota     Up4ad  ¯  07 click here for photo

RUFOUS-TAILED JACAMAR Pl.26(12)  Galbula ruficauda    Cp4c1d  ¯  23 click here for photo

WHITE-NECKED PUFFBIRD  Pl.28(3)  Bucco macrorhynchos    Up4bc click here for photo   photo 2

WHITE-WHISKERED PUFFBIRD  Pl.28(6)  Malacoptila panamensis      Cp4acd click here for photo

FIERY-BILLED ARACARI  Pl.27(16)  Pteroglossus frantzii    Cp4b-e click here for photo

CHESTNUT-MANDIBLED TOUCAN  Pl.27(19)Ramphastos swainsonii   Ap4b-e   ¯ 24 click here for photo   photo 2    photo 3

KEEL-BILLED TOUCAN  Pl.27(18)  R. sulfuratus    Rv4bce     ¯  35

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OLIVACEOUS PICULET  Pl.29(1)  Picumnus olivaceus    Up3b4d 

RUFOUS-WINGED WOODPECKER  Pl.28(10)  Piculus simplex    Up4be click here for photo

LINEATED WOODPECKER  Pl.27(13)  Dryocopus lineatus    Up4cd     ¯ 08

PALE-BILLED WOODPECKER  Pl.27(14)  Campephilus guatemalensis    Cp4b-e ¯ 08 click here for photo

RED-CROWNED WOODPECKER  Pl.28(17)  Melanerpes rubricapillus    Cp4cd 

GOLDEN-NAPED WOODPECKER  Pl.28(18)  M. chrysauchen    Cp4b-e 

RED-RUMPED WOODPECKER  Pl.28(12)  Veniliornis kirkii    Rp4bcd 

TAWNY-WINGED WOODCREEPER  Pl.29(12)Dendrocincla anabatina  Cp4acde ¯46    

LONG-TAILED WOODCREEPER  Pl.29(10)  Deconychura longicauda    Up4ac click here for photo

WEDGE-BILLED WOODCREEPER  Pl.29(6)  Glyphorhynchus spirurus    Ap4a-e  click here for photo

BARRED (NORTHERN) WOODCREEPER  Pl.29(19)  Dendrocolaptes certhia    Cp4a-e 

BUFF-THROATED (COCOA) WOODCREEPER  Pl.29(17)  Xiphorhynchus guttatus     Cp4cde      ¯ 47

BLACK-STRIPED WOODCREEPER  Pl.29(16)  X. lachrymosus    Cp4abce     ¯

SPOTTED WOODCREEPER  Pl.29(20)  X. erythropygius    Up4b    ¯ 80

STREAKED-HEADED WOODCREEPER  Pl.29(8) Lepidocolaptes souleyetii    Cp4cde      ¯ 09

BROWN-BILLED SCYTHEBILL  Pl.29(14)  Campylorhamphus pusillus    Up4bc 

PALE-BREASTED SPINETAIL  Pl.32(11)  Synallaxis albescens    Up3ab 

SLATY SPINETAIL  Pl.32(9)  S. brachyuran    Cp3b      ¯ 10

STRIPED FOLIAGE GLEANER  Pl.30(4)  Hyloctistes subulatus    Up4ab 

BUFF-THROATED FOLIAGE-GLEANER  Pl.30(3)  Automolus ochrolaemus    Cp4acd         ¯ 36    click here for photo

PLAIN XENOPS  Pl.29(3)  Xenops minutus    Cp4bce 

SCALY-THROATED LEAFTOSSER  Pl.30(9)  Sclerurus guatemalensis    Up4a 

GREAT ANTSHRIKE  Pl.31(2)  Taraba major    Cp3b 

BLACK-HOODED ANTSHRIKE  Pl.31(6)  Thamnophilus bridgesi    Ap4acde click here for photo    photo 2

RUSSET ANTSHRIKE  Pl.31(4)  Thamnistes anabatinus    Up4bce 

PLAIN ANTVIREO  Pl.32(6)  Dysithamnus mentalis+    Up4a     ¯ 57

SLATY ANTWREN  Pl.32(3)  Myrmotherula schistocolor    Cp4a 

DOTTED-WINGED ANTWREN  Pl.32(1)  Microrhopias quixensis    Ap4acde   click here for photo    photo 2

DUSKY ANTBIRD  Pl.31(8)  Cercomacra tyrannina    Cp4cd 

BARE-CROWNED ANTBIRD  Pl.31(13)  Gymnocichla nudiceps      Up4cd 

CHESTNUT-BACKED ANTBIRD  Pl.31(11)  Myrmeciza exsul    Ap4acd        ¯ 25 click here for photo

BLACK-FACED ANTTHRUSH  Pl.30(15)  Formicarius analis    Cp4acd 

BICOLORED ANTBIRD  Pl.31( 9)  Gymnopithys leucaspis    Up4acd 

SPECTACLED (STREAKED-CHESTED) ANTPITTA  Pl.30(18)  Hylopezus perspicillatus    Cp4a        ¯ 48

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Symbols and Abbreviations

*         Long-distance migrant; breeds north of Costa Rica (usually in North America)

**        Long-distance intratropical migrant: breeds in Central America, winters farther south

***      Long-distance migrant breeding south of Costa Rica (chiefly certain marine species)

+         Migrations or pronounced seasonal movements within Costa Rica

º           Individuals forage daily over a very wide range

( )        Part of the population is relatively sedentary, part is migratory


A   Abundant; many can be recorded daily

C   Common; one or a few are recorded daily

U   Uncommon; one or a few seen at frequent intervals, usually not daily

R    Rare; seen regularly at longer intervals, in small numbers

O   Occasional; seen sporadically; usually at long intervals, in small numbers (but also applies to occasional flock “invasions”


P  permanent resident

n   nonbreeding resident

b   breeding resident

v   visitant

t    transient migrant

?   status uncertain


1   Aquatic

a   offshore marine

b   shoreline

c   mangroves

d   large streams, rivers

e   ponds, lakes, lagoons

f    marshes

g    forest streams and swamps

h    mud flats and Salinas

2   Aerial

3  Open habitats or heavily altered habitats

a   savanna, grassland, pastures

b   young second growth or low scrub

c   agricultural land

d   human habitations, urban and suburban, around buildings, etc.

e    paramo (Cerro de la Muerte)

4  Wooded habitats

a    forest interior

b    forest canopy

c    forest edge, including light gaps

d    old second growth

e    tree plantations (cacao, pejibaye,etc.); tree lined gardens-          

f    riverine or gallery forest; tall riparian vegetation

These abbreviations are always given in the following sequence:  Abundance, Status, and Habitat.


Trogon bairdi   Cp4b-e:  common permanent resident in wooded habitats, including the canopy, forest edge, old second growth, and tree plantations.

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