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Family Holidays

Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet Whether gazing up at the death-defying trapeze act of a capuchin monkey or exploring the world of pacific coast tide pools, children and parents alike find a world of discovery in Drake Bay.  At Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet, we invite families to come experience, explore, and appreciate our natural treasures.  We offer major discounts not only to children under 12, but also to children 18 or under traveling with two adults. 

In addition, at Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet our vacation packages include the services of a private guide for exploring the area's local trails.  Your guide, a professional naturalist with a degree in biology, will lead you on fascinating rainforest and coastal walks upon request.  On these tours, you'll get an ant's eye view of life  at a leaf-cutter ant colony... you'll find out what the CIA, voodoo queens, and an outlandishly large toad all have in common...as well as other unusual and delightful accounts of the rainforest. 


At Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet, kids can participate in fun, hands-on activities, such as learning how scientists preserve rainforest flowers and ferns and how to make nature prints.   We also offer a variety of afternoon mini-courses in tropical biology.  Designed for children and parents alike, each course focuses on a particular facet of rainforest ecology, for example, camouflage and defense in  neotropical animals.   Both entertaining and informative, the best part of these courses is the classroom - the Rainforest.

Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet can accommodate one king and two queen-sized beds.  Please note, the chalet has an open floor plan with no separate bedrooms.  Carefully placed interior screens and tropical plants do, however, create a sense of privacy.

While people from 75 years to infants-in-hand have visited the chalet, we do strongly recommend guests considering a stay at Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet be in good physical condition given our remote location.  Access to the chalet and departing tours is via foot-trails through the forest.

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