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Drake Bay, Costa Rica - Kayaking on the Osa Peninsula with Drake Bay Rainforest ChaletThe Northwestern shore of the Osa Peninsula sports one of the most isolated and beautiful coastlines in all of Costa Rica.  Exploring this area by sea kayak will appeal to the adventure sport enthusiast and novice alike. Miles of rainforest cascading down to secluded beaches, tide pools, and warm pacific surf provide the perfect backdrop to coastal cruising Drake Bay. Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet organizes both full and half-day guided paddling trips for every level of expertise, including kayak instruction for beginners. 

Itineraries may include a full day pacific coast paddle to beautiful San Josecito.  Located south of Drake Bay, San Josecito is a protected lagoon where calm crystalline waters and coral gardens attract parrotfish, puffers, angels, and a rainbow of other tropical delights. 

Those looking for a sweat water adventure need look no further than Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet's own backyard jungle river.   A paddle down the Agujitas is a passage back in time, where flocks of parrots swirl above like living confetti... where clouds and river become one.  

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