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Reservations On-Line

Thank you for selecting Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet as your lodging of choice in Costa Rica.  To make a reservation on-line, please complete each applicable field of the following form.  Our booking agent will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your reservation, make any necessary modifications, and arrange for the deposit.

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Scuba Diving at Cano Island
Discover Scuba Diving Resort Course
Scuba Review Course
Open Water Complete Course
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The Canopy Tour
Horseback Riding
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Would you like to participate in any of our complimentary afternoon courses in Tropical Ecology:

The Secret Life of Leafcutter Ants
Green Medicine and The Tropical Pharmacy
The Amazing World of Spiders
The Strangest Tales in the Rainforest
Artful Guises and Beetlejuice - Tropical Defense

How do you wish to make your deposit:

Cash via Bank Transfer
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Cano Island
Canopy Tour
Scuba Diving
Night Tour
Horseback Riding
Bird Watching



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Tours and Activities Available at Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet:

Cano Island The Canopy Tour Scuba Diving Cano Island Sportfishing in Drake Bay The Night Tour Kayaking on the Osa Horseback Riding Bird Watching Corcovado

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