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Scuba Diving off Caño Island

Regarded as Costa Rica's foremost dive travel destination, Caño Island offers the quintessential underwater experience.  With 6,672 acres of marine habitat protected under the Costa Rican National Park system, this sanctuary is not only thriving with an impressive array of marine life, it also boasts a diverse and dramatic seascape.  Scuba enthusiasts will find a blue oasis at Cano Island. Fissures, pinnacles, canyons, and unique rock formations host huge schools of barracuda, tuna, snapper, and roosterfish.  At times the numbers of fish are so great that sunlight is actually blocked by an immense cloud of fish.  This stunning phenomena, an underwater eclipse, is just one of the features which lead dive travelers to designate Caño Island a world-class destination. 

This underwater kingdom not only hosts incredible parades of fish,  Cano Island also boasts some of the most impressive marine life in the world. If fortune has it, adventure divers may witness the awesome sea-flight of the elusive whale shark or humpback whale.  Porpoises and hammerheads are seen on many dives while  schools of rays and white tip reef sharks provide a dramatic floorshow.  Hundreds of tropicals are also sure to grant the adventure diver a sensory celebration.  With excellent visibility, between 40 and 90 feet, and water temperatures hovering between 75 to 82 F,  Caño Island Scuba diving is quite simply an outstanding adventure.

To experience for yourself the magic of Caño Island's marine reserve,  Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet in conjunction with Costa Rica Adventure Divers (C.R.A.D) offers a variety of professional services for the recreational diver.  From Scuba excursions to dive education, C.R.A.D.'s professional approach to service and safety insures a rewarding dive vacation.  All tours are guided by a PADI-certified instructor or Divemaster.  The C.R.A.D. dive center features only well serviced, name brand equipment from Sherwood, US Divers, and other top brands. Please examine C.R.A.D.'s  services and amenities as well as an overview of the following selected Caño Island dive sites and statistics:


Caño Island Dive Sites

From canyons and caves to unique rock formations, the underwater seascape off Caño Island offers a number of magnificent dive sites for all levels of expertise.  Our favorite points for exploration include:

"The Depth of the Devil"

Regarded as one of the best dive sites in Costa Rica, "The Depth of the Devil" offers the quintessential dive experience.  Canyons, fissures, and towering rock pinnacles rising from depths over 150 feet shape this stunning seascape.  Yet it is the magnitude of fish-life that earns "The Depth of the Devil" its fame amongst international dive travelers.  Groupers, snapper, and amberjack abound along with great schools of tuna, barracuda, reef sharks, and hundreds of species of tropicals.

"Shark Cave"

A rendezvous on the wild side, shark cave offers adventure divers an encounter with one of the deep's most successful and mysterious creatures.  Sharks live essentially the same way they did more than 200 million years ago -before the rise of the dinosaur.  A descent to this small cave will reveal a menagerie of white-tipped reef sharks along with a variety of tropicals including surgeonfish, Moorish idols, puffers,  and parrotfish.  Mantas and stingrays also inhabit this mysterious shadow-land, providing for one exciting undersea adventure.

"The Arches"

Imagine dramatic rock formations fashioned into towering arches beneath the sea, a sensual passage-way traveled by Pacific jewels in every shape and color.  These are "The Arches."  A journey through this exquisite seascape accompanied by angels, butterflies, and damsels will make this a dive to remember.


Huge schools of barracuda, tuna, and roosterfish welcome divers to "Paradise."  The sheer magnitude of fish life is stunning and provides, in the words of Skin Diver Magazine, "unequaled parades of pelagic fish."  This is also one of the best sites to encounter Giant Mantas.

"The Wreck"

While there is no actual shipwreck to explore, you will find a treasure trove of coral at this site.  Fifteen species of stony coral inhabit the area along with an astounding array of fish.  Reef sharks, Olive Ridley turtles, and various species of rays are also commonly sighted at "The Wreck."

Equipment and Safety

All gear is included in the 2-tank dive tours.   Costa Rica Adventure Divers uses only top quality Sherwood regulators, gauges, BCDs, masks, fins, and snorkels.  All wetsuits are Henderson 3mm neoprene.  If you wish to bring your own gear it is recommended that you bring only a mask, booties, a dive computer and/or regulator.  Remember, because of flight and boat restrictions, guests are limited to a strict 25 lb. weight limit on luggage!  Tanks are 80 cu ft aluminum with K-valves. 

A combination of professionalism and safety ensures guests a rewarding dive adventure.  Dive staff are Medic First Aid trained and Oxygen Provider Certified.  First Aid Kits and Oxygen are standard safety features. 

Dive Courses

With a full time PADI Instructor on staff, Costa Rica Adventure Divers offers a variety of dive courses:

  • Scuba Review Course

  • Open Water Complete Course

  • Referral Dives - Completion of Open Water Course

  • Advanced Open Water Course

  • Rescue Diver Course

  • Dive master Course


If your not a certified diver,  C.R.A.D. offers the  "Discover Scuba Resort Course."   In one day, you can swim away with an Adventure Diver certification.  Then its off to Caño Island to experience the excitement of world-class SCUBA.  For just $135 you'll receive instruction, a two-tank dive at Cañ̃o Island and perhaps - a new found love for undersea adventure.

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